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Types de métiers recherchés
» Informatique, nouvelles technologies
» Production, maintenance, qualité
» Transport, logistique
Expérience professionnelle
Expérience entre 2 ans et 5 ans
» Informatique, SSII, Internet
» Ingénierie, études développement
» Sport, action culturelle et sociale
» Éducation, formation
Expérience professionnelle: 
01.2018 - 10.2020
NDT (non-destructive test) Inspection
I performed duties as follow: - Performed on site level 2 Magnetic test/ Level 2 Penetrant test/ Level 2 Radiographic test. - Communicated effectively to provide, receive, and implement constructive feedback from the clients. - Ensured inspection equipment was maintained and ensure equipment testing and re-calibration was kept up-to-date. - Worked with QA/QC engineers to explore other areas where MT/PT/RT test could be used to requalify parts. - Produced detailed reports of inspections, clearly identifying the scope and any defects or inconsistencies found. - Performed RT work Throughout the Night Follow by Laboratory Development Film Process and interpretation. - Provide the necessary guidance/ Technical Knowledge World, Excel, Access, Troubleshoot. - Work as a Translator/Performed the translation of Globalsource (NDT department) documents from French to English. - Draft technique documents for new advanced NDT inspection campaigns. - Actively participated at Oil Gas bridge power Construction, Goil Butimen Construction and many more. - Performed NDT Lab Construction, Globalsource.
Depuis 11.2020
Software developer
Pages Inc IT Consultant, Ghana
I am an Advanced Level, IT Trainee. Pages Inc Consultant is a growing Entity and my duties in this company is at follow: To interact with customers online. To keep and Maintain up to date our customers web page from the company domain. Participate in Building apps. Participate in Building web pages. Then boost my understanding level in Software Development. Been able to Code using computer languages such as: HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, JavaScript, Document Object Model. I perform the computers machine installation, I Perform the English French Translation. I translate files from french to English and English. I am the head of socialisation activities of the company, this role was given to me based on Job experience I gained from an non-profit student organization and Alumna called AIESEC.
- Non-Destructive Pipe Testing (NDT) Technicians monitor equipment within. - Petroleum Engineering Upstream Skills (From Exploration of Oil & Gas to Petroleum business economics). - Advanced IT skills including HTML, CSS, JavaScript. - Strong analytical way of working as well as excellent problem-solving skills. - Work in a team with a high regard for safety and environmental concerns and with a strong commitment to policies. -Work effectively alone as well as part of a team - Good communication skill, team player.
08.2013 - 07.2017
BSC Petroleum Engineering
Petroleum Engineering also called Genie de petrole in French Language it's a 4 years course in oil & gas and much focus in Upstream technology. Therefore, Petroleum Engineering Upstream course involves EXPLORATION, DRILLING, PRODUCTION, RESERVOIR, BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS COURSES.
Depuis 09.2020
Software Developer Engineering.
Microverse IT School. Online Course, San Francisco Western US
To Achieve: Higher Certificate for remote Software Engineer
06.2008 - 09.2011
General Science (Mathematics and Physics). Mathematics.
anglaisbon niveau
françaisbon niveau
Plus d'informations
Brazzaville - Djambala - Dolisie - Ewo - Impfondo - International - Kinkala - Loango - Madingou - Ouesso - Owando - Pointe-Noire - Sibiti
Lieu de résidence : Accra
CDI - CDD - Intérim - Stage - Freelance - Alternance - Temps partiel

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